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100 Facts - Plant Life

Miles Kelly

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    100 facts plant life contains key topics about the plant kingdom in mind-blowing numbered facts. Each fact is accompanied by beautiful illustrations and photographs, which add visual meaning to the information for kids. This is a fascinating plant book for kids aged 7+.essential topics covered in 100 facts plant life:‚a¢ the seven functions of a plant, which include photosynthesis and pollination‚a¢ plants in different environments such as forests, jungles and underwater‚a¢ animal friends, enemies and how plants use their appearance as a trapexamples of 'i don't believe it' fascinating facts:‚a¢ squirting cucumbers can shoot their seeds 5 metres away. Their seedpods are full of water and explode at the slightest touch.‚a¢ nearly half of all the trees that are cut down are used to make paper ‚ai more than 300 million tonnes every year.‚a¢ sea otters wrap strands of giant kelp around themselves so they don't float away while feeding on sea urchins or resting.activities to make learning accessible and interactive include:‚a¢ sprinkle mustard or cress seeds on a damp piece of cotton wool and leave on a saucer in a warm place ‚ai the seeds will start to germinate after a day‚a¢ light and dark! Find out the effect of sunlight and lack of sunlight on a living plant by placing a piece of card on a leaf and looking at what happens after a few days.‚a¢ quiz question: roots grow towards light. True or false?

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